Yuile family

This is the story of the Yuile gang: Johny, Sarah , Chloe, Summer, Aria, Mindy, Aotearoa and Poppy Yuile. 

We casually signed up to Liberty Trust about 10 years ago at Parachute Music Festival. We now see it as one of the best decisions! We put aside some of our family tax credits to go towards our Liberty contributions. After contributing for 8-9 years we received our loan. We were, and still are so grateful and excited. 

The Liberty loan replaced the bank loan we had on our home. We are amazed at how fast the loan goes down with no interest. 

Last year we sold our house and are now using our Liberty loan to fund the kit-set shed house we are building. It is so exciting for us. We love the outdoors, going on adventures and packing life full. Getting debt free faster helps us to achieve this life. It fills us with hope seeing our Liberty loan go down fast and that we can be debt-free 20 years sooner than with a standard bank. 

Thank you so much Liberty Trust for pursuing the idea, and making it a reality for so many people. We couldn't recommend joining Liberty Trust more!!

4 March 2020