Anonymous Family

Do you want to be debt free?Then here it is on a platter

“WOW”, an interest free loan. What a blessing” were my words after a phone call from Ark Resources to say we had an interest free loan. It not only reduces our debt but also saves us $7,000 dollars per year in interest on our mortgage, and we will be debt free in 7 years.

If you are reading this and you think “Oh that’s nice for them, why doesn’t the Lord bless us like that?” Then think again!

Next week we celebrate nine years married. We have only ever had one income, but the Lord has always and continues to provide for us financially. We trust him with our family size and He increases us financially to take on the expense of having another baby. The call came right on time as our fourth baby was due to be born in one month.

Thank you Liberty Trust, you have lifted off the heavy load that debt gives, and are helping to speed us towards financial freedom.