Tracey Garbutt

I joined Liberty Trust when it was first established in 1989. As a new Christian, open to change and different ways of thinking and living, the Liberty Trust ethic appealed. It was very satisfying to contribute to a scheme which challenged conventional thinking around debt and home ownership.However my circumstances changed with the break-up of my marriage a few years later. I was financially unable to continue contributing and reluctantly withdrew.

In the following years I chipped away at my bank mortgage and felt very ‘stuck’ in our little two-bedroomed house. Then in 2000 some friends left to live permanently overseas and gifted us their place in the second Liberty Trust group. When their years of contributing were added to mine I was surprised to find myself reinstated to pretty much the position I’d have been in if I hadn’t had to withdraw. Very cool! Further, for a period of time I had an anonymous sponsor help with my contributions—for which I was very grateful.

A few more years ticked by and our loan became available last year. I was able to buy a house which better suits our needs and I am enjoying doing it up.

Thanks heaps to the Liberty Trust trustees who helped make things happen for me and the kids; thanks for the enthusiasm when the road felt long and hard.

As a not-so-new Christian now, the Liberty Trust ethic, and its practical outworking, only appeals more. I am really happy after all these years to be still involved.

Tracey Garbutt