Rob & Susie Aston

I can't recall precisely why I did it but 11 years ago, joining Liberty Trust seemed a sound move. Now recently married, Suzie and I are reaping a blessing only God could have inspired.

The blessing from Liberty has been an adhesive for our is a financial commitment and bond that was the only way our move into our own house was possible. Now you wouldn't believe what happened recently...two months into our new home the Christchurch earthquake struck our hearts and our home!

I would actually like another house. This one seems too damaged, roof creaked many times, cracks in every  room, lake formed under house, foundation/ piles cracked....even if livable, the resale is worse now.  The EQC assessor is due within 2 weeks but ABSOLUTELY God is in control.

Rob and Susie Aston, Christchurch

16 Sept 2010