Ps Philip Booth

Jesus' words recorded in Matthew chapter 6 encourage us not to worry about our material needs, but instead to put God's kingdom first and trust that He will look after us. This has been proven to me and my family time and time again, and I find it gives me great comfort when times are tough.

When we joined Liberty Trust we didn't have a lot, but put aside our $77 a week because my wife was determined that we were going to get into our own house before our 3rd son turned 5. I had learned by this stage that it was best not to argue with her and figured the loan would come in handy some time anyway, even though her goal was obviously impossible. Turns out we serve the God of the impossible, as we ended up qualifying for a Habitat for Humanity house that we not only got to help build but that we also moved into before our 3rd son turn 5. Add 2 more children and fast forward 5 years and between Liberty Trust and Habitat for Humanity, we are now in position to have our house in Auckland completely paid off without ever having to go to the bank.

As I stated earlier, I find great comfort in Jesus' words and the times He has proven them to us, this is particularly important now, as we are embarking on a journey that is definitely not easy. 3 months ago we got approval from Liberty trust to take out part of our loan to buy a caravan at the TOP 10 Holiday Park in Orere Point. The owner of the Park gave us confessions on our annuals fees, as well as free use of a hall there where we have started Orere Community Church as an outreach to the local area as well as holidaymakers visiting the park. This has been a time of great joy as we have had the privilege of being a part of something new, but it has also not been without struggles, though we have learned to put God's kingdom first and trust that He will look after us.

Kind regards,

Philip Booth

21 Sept 2020