John's Story

John from Wellington had children aged 8, 10 and 12.  He was giving each of them $10 per week as pocket money. - $5 was for spending and for their Church offering - $5 was for saving into their bank accounts.John was teaching his children how to wisely look after their money. He was teaching them about work, about wise spending, saving, stewardship, the perils of borrowing, and the cost of interest etc.

At the Parachute Music Festival John saw the Liberty Trust display and realised that this presented a practical application of the Bible principles he had been teaching his family.

When he got home John introduced Liberty Trust to his children, explaining that it was a community of Christians helping one another to buy homes without the huge cost of a bank mortgage. He offered to increase their pocket money by $5 if they would invest $10 per week into Liberty Trust instead of $5 into their savings account and suggested they add to this from their after-school earnings, increasing as they are able.

They readily agreed and each commenced their own memberships. This money will enable them to receive an interest-free mortgage when they are ready to buy a home.

By borrowing without interest John’s children can be mortgage free within 7-10 years of purchase! - Think of that!! They will soon have their own homes debt-free and be available for whatever God is calling them to.