Margaret Wakefield

I was busy sand-papering the window frames of my house yet again, when I asked myself “How long can I keep doing this?”. Retirement is looming over the horizon and the thought of having to ‘work’ at maintaining my weather board dwelling instantly lost its appeal. “Lord” I said “There has to be an easier way”. Living by myself there was nobody else to talk things over with, but the name Kelvin Deal popped into my mind and, being a woman of action, I made an appointment to see him.

After hearing my story he recommended I upgrade my home. The clouds of gloom gathered with mortgage written all over them. I knew the possibility of a loan was slim and the repayments would financially cripple me. It was then that Kelvin reached for a piece of paper. “We have just approved an interest free mortgage for you when ever you need it” he said.

I felt to remain composed in the presence of Mr Deal but when I left the building my feet skipped all the way to my car, Once inside I clapped my hands and shouted “Hallelujah” to my good God. I ask you, isn’t He good. Don’t we serve a good God. Doesn’t His goodness and mercy follow us all the days of our lives. Doesn’t He show forth His goodness and isn’t He always on time!

I thank God for those who caught the vision to set up Liberty Trust and I thank them for their faithfulness. Bless all those who contribute and those who work in His Kingdom for the good of His people.

Yours, living happily till Jesus comes.

Margaret Wakefield

August 2000