Greg & Samantha Gates

As young newlyweds we were renting and looking to buy our first home.  Friends of ours had recently joined Liberty Trust Auckland and explained how it worked.  It sounded like a great idea so we contacted them and had a visit from trustees to explain further and answer any questions we had.  I loved the concept of people getting together to ask, what can we do to help someone in need?  I think young families trying to repay a mortgage and raise children at the same time really do need to be cut a break.  

We decided that we would join Liberty Trust.  The contribution payments were relatively easy due to the fact that we were on two incomes at that time and we knew we were helping multiple other young NZ families get rid of the noose a mortgage most definitely is, which made it even easier.  By the time we had our first child our contributions were complete, God’s timing is always perfect.

At that time the Auckland Liberty Trust was still a ballot, so we had no idea when our loan would come through.  We continued to trust in God. We were over the moon when we were told we were next to get our interest free loan.  It is such a joy to know that we are now paying off our home with each repayment we make instead of lining the pocket of some mystery investor in Australia.  And again, God’s timing couldn’t be better.  With our youngest starting school Samantha was increasing her work hours which has meant that, with the slightly higher Liberty repayment amount, we will not be struggling to service the loan.  Add to that the fact that we will be completely mortgage free before our children leave school and will be able to plan for their higher education and even begin contributions to help them on the road to buying their first homes.  We feel so blessed and thankful that we made the decision to join Liberty Trust when we did.

        As for God, His way is perfect, the word of the Lord is flawless.  

        He is a shield for all who take refuge in Him.  2 Samuel 22:31 - NIV

Thank you Liberty Trust and may God bless you for all the work you do to help others like us.


Greg, Samantha, Elisa and Harry Gates.

28 March 2009