Neville & Estelle Partridge

In November 2011 we believed it was time for us to make some major changes in our lives so we embarked on a journey that would take us in a new direction and environment.  Over the following months we were aware of circumstances that confirmed we had made the right decision.Early 2012 we received from Liberty Trust  an interest free loan.  This was totally unexpected  and far from our thoughts, we had come to the conclusion that we would not benefit from our investment into Liberty Trust in our life time and that our children would gain from it.It could not of come at a better time for us and we were ecstatic with delight to have this advantage with our new direction and environment change.We have been blessed by Liberty Trust faithfulness as they commit to helping set people financially free.It's encouraging to know that when you step out in faith God is always there.Thanks so much !!!!Estelle and Neville Partridge1 October 2012