Chris & Gill Chapman

The opportunity for an interest free mortgage!

An interesting idea in 1989, based on Biblical principles.  Interest rates were very high, and our need for loan money had arisen at the time Liberty Trust was about to close applications.

I have just re-read Liberty Trust's first newsletter, July 16th 1989, which stated that their doors closed 30th June amidst a flood of last minute applications.  Indeed, this was a new idea, and although most people believed the principle was admirable - that Christians should be debt free (Jesus came to release people from 'the curse' which includes being in debt) the reality was as in most new ideas that action takes longer to get going than verbal acknowledgement.  I was no different!

I am not sure whether my wife Gill and I were a little naive at the time, or that it was faith that funds would be available in His perfect timing (it could be up to 12 years before a ballot could be drawn in our favour!) but our perceived need was for funds in very much the near future.  Our loan requirement was for $15,000 over 5 years - a different proposition to the normal loan requirement of today!  Our need was also outside the original intentions of the Trust - our car had 'perished' and the garage was in need of urgent repair.  We drew the ballot from 123 applicants in March/ April 1990!  

Indeed, we were thankful to Liberty Trust for being available as a means of God's provision to us at a time of need for our family, and thank you to all the people responsible for responding to His direction in providing this vehicle (Liberty Trust) for His people.

Chris Chapman

January 2002