Jeff & Sharon Wedgwood

To have a interest free loan is the result of forward planning and one woman's commitment to the future of her family.  Sharon's Mum has been a supporter of Liberty Trust since it first began.  She sponsored each of her family and also herself.  This was a huge financial commitment that is now paying dividends.  These loans are all available now and we first used ours to buy a rental property in Taupo.  The rental is an investment that was the first step towards owing our own home.  

We have just moved from National Park to Stanmore Bay and I am starting a new career as a civil engineer.  Sharon is very busy with Joshua (2 months old) Caleb (2) and Mikhaela (7).  After renting for a while we have finally bought our own house to live in.  We were able to transfer the Ark Resources loan to our new house as a second mortgage.  This means that we will be debt free much sooner than we would be with just a bank loan and will enable us to invest in our own children's future by starting contributions for them, just as Sharon's Mum did for her.

Jeff and Sharon Wedgwood

April 2002