Anon in 2003

In 1989, Liberty Trust had its first public introduction at a Whakatane Christian Fellowship Sunday morning service. I was 22 and had no intention of purchasing a house in the near future. The prospect of saving packets of money in mortgage interest payments was a long distant benefit. The appeal of signing up for a weekly twenty-dollar contribution that might save me money was mainly in being part of something that would produce a pool of money at work in and for the kingdom of God. That was the deal I bought into when signing up with the first hundred-or-so contributors that became the pioneers.

Come the year 2003, and some things had changed: Whakatane Christian Fellowship was now called Liberty Life Church, and Liberty Trust was now lending through Ark Resources Ltd. I was also now married and we were looking to buy a house. My mortgage became available back in 2000 but it hadn’t suited to use it then.

When we found our ‘do-upper’ Ark Resources were amazingly prompt in approving and issuing our loan. Their loans officer Evan Harvey came around the evening we contacted him and approved it there and then!

Investing the contributions in unit trusts or such like would most likely have accumulated by now to more than the sum we are saving in total interest. The fact that we are saving on interest now is a really helpful bonus. That we are doing it in a way that sees finance (ours and that of others) available to the kingdom of God is the real reward. This is the thing that hasn’t changed since 1989.