Stacey & Jo

We give thanks to God for His is sovereign. Recently we received custody of my two children.   My wife and I are also expecting our third child in March. Living with five children in a two bedroom unit, we accepted the situation, rearranged, and settled down – or so we thought. 

The news of custody came through on a Thursday night.  On Saturday morning a Word came through a brother in the Lord for us to offer to buy a three bedroom home off another lady in our church.  She had been looking into buying a smaller home.

Stepping out in faith (knowing that it was financially impossible) we approached her and everything just snowballed from there.  With an anonymous donation from our church and our Liberty Trust ballot of an interest-free loan, we are now experiencing the joys of a yard to run around in and room to swing the cat and dog plus.  And our dear friend is enjoying the comforts of our smaller home. 

Our gratitude is expressed to the Liberty Trust team for the great work they do and to John Payne of Robert Keam and Associates.

Praise God for His faithfulness.

Stacey & Jo