David & Susan Mitchell

To the Trustees of Liberty Trust

Thank you for volunteering your time and talents to enable us, and in time hundreds of others, to be free of debt.

Last year I had a bank mortgage that was to take me over twenty years to pay off.  I would still be paying my first mortgage into my sixties.

Now with the intervention of Liberty Trust I will have paid back the capital they have invested in my mortgage within seven years.

Through this organisation I have saved thirteen years of my life which I would otherwise have spent working to pay interest to a bank.

It's hard to express just how good it feels not to be worried about interest rates, and my inability to pay if they rose too high.  Before Liberty Trust paid my mortgage I trusted that God would always be there with us but that didn't stop those fears and thoughts.  One of the greatest features about Liberty Trust is that it has enabled myself and my family to have a greater quality of life.

Once again I'd like to thank the Lord and all those involved with Liberty Trust for the blessing they have been in our lives.

With heart-felt thanks

David & Susan Mitchell and family, Tauranga

June 1995