James & Rebecca

When my wife Rebecca first told me about the Liberty Trust, I was skeptical, which was in line with my core beliefs at the time. But having a little faith, we decided to make regular contributions, realizing our personal financial situation was challenging and with us both being in our late 40’s at the time, we thought this might be the extra assistance we needed to eventually own our own home. That faith was rewarded when, late in life, we were delighted to get the call from Liberty Trust confirming we were now eligible for an interest-free loan.


We found a delightful property and now live close to family and enjoy all that that brings. It’s not a grand home but we love it. Our large piece of land is on a hillside overlooking the town. It’s quiet and peaceful and we are enjoying developing the house & gardens as we go. We are lucky to have good health and run our own two small businesses from home and we are very grateful not to be burdened with hefty interest rates that come with bank mortgages. 


Most of all it's great to be part of the bigger scheme, helping others achieve their own housing goals and dreams. Thanks Liberty Trust. 

It’s never too late to turn things around. Truly trust in a higher power and the higher power will provide.


James & Rebecca 

29 August 2023