Warren & Sue Henton

Dear Friends of Liberty Trust

It gives us great pleasure to share the story with you of the bless Liberty Trust has been to us.

Many years ago the Lord gave me a very clear promise based on the last part of Matthew 6, that He would always take care of and provide for me.  While He has proven faithful in this, I have never seen it so clear as in our experiences with our daughter and Liberty Trust.

We had planned to start our family around the end of 1993 as this would have allowed us to reduce our mortgage to a manageable state for a single income.  As we now see, God had other plans.

At the beginning of 1992 Sue's father was diagnosed with cancer, and the thought of him not being with us for much longer was very real.  It became increasingly clear to Sue that it was life and family that was most important, not money.  Her prayer was that her father would live to see at least one grandchild.  It was at that time that we decided to lay our plans aside, knowing that if Sue became pregnant quickly, we would have to see God's provision in a very real way.

And so Jessica Grace was born.  The next day Liberty Trust drew our name for an interest-free loan.  When we received the news Sue and I could not contain our joy and emotion as we realised how our Lord Jesus had proven yet again His untouchable faithfulness.  Liberty Trust was able to provide within $200 of what was needed to clear our existing mortgage and totally secure us from any more interest to pay.  This has reduced our mortgage by about twelve years.  During that week the Lord had gifted us two miracles - our wonderful little daughter, and our mortgage from Liberty Trust.  What a good and gracious God we serve, and we thank Him each time we see Jessica with her grandfather!

Thank you for the opportunity to bring glory to our Lord.

A special thanks also to all involved with Liberty Trust for all your work.  May the Lord bless you as you serve Him in this way.

Warren and Sue Henton, Hamilton

June 1993