Paul & Jenni

El Shaddai, Jehovah Jireh

Lord God Almighty, the Lord Will Provide

Many years ago now we were blessed with our Liberty Trust loan and began paying off our little house in Edgecumbe. Then, needing to move for employment, we sold our house and found ourselves in the Western BOP with one income, four young children, and priced well and truly out of the housing market!

So began our rental journey, which continued with our move to the stunning Hawkes Bay a couple of years later. Several years further on, now with two steady incomes and children growing up quickly, God brought us out of the rental drought and we purchased the family home we’re living in now.

Then one year ago, out of necessity, our family again dropped to one income. We grew concerned that, even though we’d paid off much of our mortgage, rising interest rates and a halved income could swamp us in debt.

Then we remembered our Liberty Trust loan. Our gracious heavenly Father has used this provision to pull us out of the reach of rising interest rates and place us firmly on the path to financial freedom again.

Thank you so much to the team at Liberty Trust who daily walk in humble obedience to God, and thank you to our gracious heavenly Father who knows precisely what is ahead and what provision his children are going to need.

Blessings to all who read this testimony, and may we all be encouraged to trust in our Great Provider whatever the future may bring. May we increasingly become channels of God’s riches to those in need around us as a testimony of God’s goodness, to his glory! With love and blessings,

Paul and Jenni Lassing

17 Nov 2022