Bradley Clarke

I (Brad) have been a contributor to Liberty Trust since 2008, when my parents encouraged me and my brothers to start contributing as we entered the workforce. My loan became available in 2017 but I didn’t take it at the time as I didn’t need it then.

Fast forward a couple of years to April 2019 and we are newly married. Elvina had purchased a small flat a couple of years previously as a step onto the property ladder, so we were not paying rent but with our change in circumstances found ourselves looking for a bigger home.

In October we found a property we liked, which was being sold at auction. Liberty Trust allowed us to bid at the auction (a commercial lender would most likely have not allowed it), and together with our savings, we were able to purchase the property completely interest-free, as well as retaining the flat as a rental unit. What an incredible blessing, to be able to buy what we hope will be our long-term family home, with no interest! We hope to serve on the mission field in the future, and being able to purchase our home interest free will enable us to pay off the loan much sooner, and give us the financial freedom to realise that dream.


Bradley Clarke

10 March 2020