Brian & Judy Carter

Several years ago we joined Liberty Trust as we had some spare cash and then a sizable, unexpected tax refund. We didn’t have to pray about where to put this finance – it was just the obvious thing to do – sow it into the Kingdom of God.  He is far wiser than us in the use of finance!

Years later our loan came up at a time when we needed many more dollars to help us in our business than what Liberty Trust had for us!   Most of our business had been badly affected by flood in 2004, so we postponed it.   A year or so later (who cares!) God had reminded us of the gift of hospitality and the ‘oasis’ calling He had placed in our hearts – so the planning and building of such a home began to take place.  The money from the sale of a piece of land along with the interest free loan from Ark Resources has enabled us to completely renovate our home where we are able to enjoy both family – non family – visiting ministries and whoever God brings along.  

As we’re on the family farm and our house is what Brian came home from the annex to and we raised our children here, it has a special place in our hearts.  The surroundings are spacious and peaceful and the added blessing is we get to live in it as well!  What a privilege being blessed to be a blessing.

Brian and Judy Carter

24 Sept 2007