Paul & Susan Gibberd

How exciting to receive the letter in the mail informing us that it was our turn to have the amazing blessing of a Liberty loan!

Waiting has been hard but God’s timing is perfect and who are we to argue! (Ecclesiastes 3—there is a time for everything—both reaping and sowing.)

Our bank mortgage was the same amount as our loan, only now we are saving over $400 a month in interest and will be debt free at least nine years earlier. What’s more, ever cent we pay back is helping others to achieve financial freedom too.

We have just received confirmation that our plans to subdivide our 2 1/2 acre property can go ahead, allowing us to pay off our loan even faster. A real burden has been lifted from our shoulders and the future seems much clearer now.

Thank you for your obedience to God and all the hard work you put into the running of Liberty Trust and Ark Resources.

Yours in Christ

Paul and Susan Gibberd