Neil & Bev Hopkins

By most criteria financially we are very blessed. We have a generous income that affords us many opportunities. We have options. And we have responsibilities. The same God who saw fit to grant us gift and abilities also designed that we use them for the benefit of others, extending something of the grace and favour that He freely bestows on us to minister to others. We are blessed to be a blessing, and in so doing to further the majesty and glory of our great God. We endeavour to live our lives, using our gifts and abilities, and all the resources that we have stewardship of to that end. One of the challenges that we have been required to face up to is how to make the use of these resources wisely… and that is where Liberty Trust is very attractive. Contributing to a pool of funds from which loans are granted that is continuously replenished and gradually increasing; where the administration and management is done by committed volunteers as a service to others as part of their shared vision; where it is available to anyone who wishes to join and where is no profit taking, is a great way of investing in the broader work of the kingdom of God. It seems to us to tick the right boxes. But the benefits extend beyond that. For us personally, by making contributions and in due course being granted a loan, we can minimise interest payments and free up funding for other investment. Investment of the sort that has eternal benefits, that works towards helping other people become who they were designed to be, that encourages them to be seek and develop a relationship with our creator God who loves them enormously. Investment that emphasises the inherent value and worth of people as individuals, that uses funds to enrich and enhance the lives of others,

Just recently we have been granted a loan that we using to help fund building a house on a small block of land that we own. Although we will not be moving in in the near future, this house is part of a plan for helping to provide and care for our extended family, some of whom have special needs. It is often not easy to be certain that we are hearing what God is saying. We have found that we need to step out and act on the measure of insight that we have, in faith believing that He is directing us. Building this house came into this category.... the loan was granted, our preferred builder was available, two of our now adult children were available to assist with the building for at least some of the time.. with the added bonus that we are not under any time pressure to finish. It seemed that God was lining things up for action now. It remains to be seen what longer term use this house ends up having.

Because the loan is interest free, the total cost of the building project over the next few years will be much less than otherwise. This will mean that we will be able to contribute more financially to both local and overseas missions. That is something that we both are sure that God would have us do and keep on doing…

Neil and Bev Hopkins

31 August 2011