Barbara Muggeridge

Initially I hadn't looked to buy a home because I had a State rental house and no prospect of buying a home.  However my sister persuaded me to look into purchasing a home and offered to lend me the deposit.

When Liberty Trust came into being I felt to get involved in spite of the fact that my budget wouldn't extend that far.  After committing myself to Liberty Trust and before the first payment was required I was advised that someone had offered to sponsor me.

Because of this I was able to make regular repayments to my sister until 80% was paid off.  At this point she released me from the balance.  The week these payments stopped, Housing Corporation increased my interest rate by the same amount!

Now that I have received my interest-free loan the remaining 25 years of payment will be cut to 10 years, releasing me from $60,000 of interest.  

Where there was no way for me to ever own a home God has made a way through the generosity of people and the formation of Liberty Trust.

Barbara Claridge-Bryant (now Muggeridge)