Rudie & Olepa

To God Be the Glory

It is to God we give glory and great honour for His wondrous faithfulness in His Loving Kindness to our family.

Our Liberty Trust story began with Kelvin and his late wife Kathleen Deal. My husband Rudie was a colporteur; a door to door salesman of Christian Literature. As Rudie was self-employed, we needed an accountant to look over our books for tax purposes. God blessed us with Kelvin Deal. Not only Kelvin as an accountant offered to work on Rudie’s tax for free but both he and Kathleen spoke to us about Liberty Trust in 1989. Sadly, both Rudie and I were far from hearing the Holy Spirit’s counsel to join Liberty Trust then or any time sooner. It was God and God alone’s faithfulness that brought us back to Whakatane in 2003 after being away from this area for 10 years.

On our arrival back in Whakatane we made acquaintances with Kelvin and his late wife Kathleen. I felt that God began again to draw us towards Liberty Trust because two strangers shared about their fantastic experiences with Liberty Trust and their interest free loans.

I honour the late Kathleen Deal (R.I.J.) for being God’s voice of Faithfulness because each time Kathleen saw me, her reassuring smile would greet me and then her usual question. “Olepa, have you started your Liberty Trust contribution, your starting date is really important.” I would honestly tell her, ‘no we have not’. She would smile and she would say, ‘Even $5 would be enough to start your contributions with’. Sadly, on our part BUT to God be The Glory for our Heavenly Father’s part and His faithful servant the late Kathleen, they persisted and eventually in 2012 Rudie and I started our Liberty Trust contribution on 26 January 2012. We never missed our fortnightly payments to Liberty Trust from that time till May 2020 when we were offered the interest free loan. God is Faithful!

To God Be All Glory and Honour for all that He has done, is doing and will do for all His people. During COVID19 lockdown, after a lot of emails between myself and Kerryanne Dalgleish regarding the possibility of an interest free loan coming our way, we received a phone call from the Ark Resources chairperson to let us know that we were blessed to be awarded an interest free loan. Even in times of uncertainty like the experience of a total nation lockdown due to COVID19, God’s Certainty and Assurance shone through to remind us that He is the Eternal Almighty God of heaven and earth, full of mercy and loving kindness! Our family of four were in praise and thanksgiving after hearing such fantastic news!

It has now been one month since we received our interest free loan. We had only been contributing for eight years four months and we were blessed to receive our interest free loan! Thank you Heavenly Father for this vision of Liberty Trust! It is truly a liberating feeling to be paying off our mortgage and not the bank’s interests. It feels good to know that all the money we are paying into our loan is paying off the principal amount. I used to hate the feeling of knowing that more than half of our fortnightly payments was to pay the bank interests. So instead of 10-12 more years to repay the mortgage to the bank, by God’s Goodness, we could be mortgage free in four or five years’ time with the abundance of the Lord’s goodness in our health and income.

No other words can aptly express our gratitude to God than To God Be The Glory for all that He has done, is doing and will do because He is Faithful in His love and good plans as stated in Jeremiah 29:11; ‘I know the good plans I have for you,” says the LORD Almighty; plans to prosper you…’ The LORD has surely prospered us with a Liberty Trust interest free loan.

In 2015, after speaking with Kelvin Deal about the possibility of having a Liberty Trust presentation in our school, Bruce McDonald presented to a group of over 15 young people from our church. After Bruce McDonald’s presentation, we started Liberty Trust contributions for our three grandchildren and our three daughters and our late son Jonathan Steele Korenhof. We are so thankful that God’s Spirit has captured our hearts to believe in the good works of Liberty Trust and its purpose. We want our children and grandchildren to benefit as we are from such a God given vision in Liberty Trust.

To conclude, Rudie and I sincerely want to thank Kelvin and his late wife Kathleen for sharing and being passionate about sharing the good news of Liberty Trust with us. To the late Kathleen, I thank you for your persistence, for being God’s voice to encourage us to be committed to Liberty Trust. Then most of all we want to Thank You our Eternal Heavenly Father for the huge vision of Liberty Trust in our country! We are truly blessed!


Rudie Korenhof & Olepa Ki-Korenhof

13 July 2020