Rowan & Gill

Our family has been incredibly blessed through Liberty Trust.  Mum joined Liberty Trust in 1989 as a means of helping her children financially.  Through her wisdom and foresight God has moved miraculously in our lives.

At the time we took over the contributions from Mum we were living in an old run-down two bedroom cottage.  We were financially low after struggling in business for several years followed by a year of unemployment.  However we moved in faith toward building a new house, as with three young children our living conditions were very cramped.

We did a lot of praying!

Six months after taking the step of drawing up sketch plans for the new house our ballot came up.  We were incredulous!  Our God is a God of miracles.

Our thanks go to those people who have made our new house possible: the faithful, dedicated stewards of Liberty Trust and also our families who have blessed us with financial inheritances.

Most of all we praise God for the abundance of His grace toward us.

Rowan & Gill Brebner & family