Richard & Jenny

Hello there, Brethren, We are a home-educating family, that the Lord has blessed greatly with seven children, who live on a dairy farm in Galatea and choose to milk ONCE a day.  Do it once and do it right I say.  Haha.

Alternative, you say, maybe, or just open to different regimes and possibilities.

God has shown us some wonderful truths and principles over the years as we walk our walk of faith and sanctification. Hebrew 11:6 "But without faith it is impossible to please Him; for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him."  Liberty Trust was another one of those principles we were exposed to some time ago, for which we are grateful.

Nine years ago we heard about Liberty Trust and became really excited about all that Liberty Trust had to offer.  In fact, it seemed too good to be true.  We spoke to many, many people about it but most did not think that it was for them or thought there had to be a catch somehow.  Were we SURE we would see our money in ten years?  We went ahead anyway, asking Liberty Trust if they supported farm mortgages -  I think we may be the  first in that area.

When we received a letter from Liberty offering us our loan a year earlier than we expected we were rather excited, as we had been quietly thinking about how would be rather nice as the current freefall in the dairy industry was starting to bite rather firmly!  So saving the interest on our Mortgage is a huge help and blessing, and God's timing is (as always) perfect. 

At the same time we started our contributions we also started some for our children.  We only put in a very small amount regularly but the two oldest have now taken over the responsibility for their Liberty fund.  When we sat down and showed them how much they would pay off each year on a mortgage "old style", they were shocked.  There has been much discussion around our table about loans, mortgages, and rent and what God says about it all.  In fact, sadly, many people's rent payments would cover a mortgage,  if they could just manage to save enough for a deposit.

We are extremely grateful for the Godly vision given to Liberty Trust and for their faithfulness in managing this, now quite large, Trust.  We consider ourselves incredibly blessed to be a part of the Liberty family.  It is encouraging to know that over the years our input has been helping others achieve financial freedom.

We are thankful now to be in a better position of control (to some degree) and not have to worry about what interest rates will do in the future.

Thanks to all the others who have been contributing to Liberty Trust to enable us and others to have an interest free loan.


 Richard and Jenny and family.

4 March 2016

 Left to Right

Abraham, Jonathan, Emma, Hannah, Grandma, Grandad, Richard, Jenny, Rebekah, Joshua, and Caleb Mills