So Thankful

I am so thankful to Liberty Trust for the way it has helped my family and I. I have known about the organisation for a long time as my parents have been involved for many years and benefited from an interest-free loan. I also watched my brother and his wife receive a Liberty Trust loan for their first home which they purchased two years ago. For me, I have been blessed greatly by my parents who have gifted me the use of their interest-free loan for a time. An unexpected blessing. Three years ago, with help from my Grandparents, I purchased my first home in Tauranga, and until about 6 months ago I had my full mortgage with the bank. At this time my parents let me know that they were eligible for a loan from Liberty Trust, and because they were waiting for the right time to buy, they generously allowed me to use the loan until they were ready to use it themselves. This has been a real blessing for me as I have reduced my bank loan by half. I couldn't be more grateful for how Liberty Trust has helped my family. I love telling others about the organisation and its benefits! What makes me most excited is thinking about the years to come and the generosity I can now share with others. Through my blessing, I can bless others.

"My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you." John 15 v 12

 4 Dec 2017