Dynes & Ingrid McConnell

Who would have thought that as I meandered around the ‘missions’ tent at parachute festival five years ago that I would experience a life-changing moment chatting to a grey-haired gentleman from Whakatane? Well that’s exactly what happened as I paused for a moment’s distraction from the Waikato summer heat. U2 step aside, I was to find what I was looking for! Months earlier I had been pondering the plight of my three sons as they faced a future of looming student loan debt and mortgage encumbrance as they strived to provide for their future young families. At age 15, 13 and 12, this hardly was a pressing issue for them, but nevertheless was exercising my mind as I reflected on my wife and my personal life experience. Was there a way to start them off at a level more advantageous than what we had experienced? Did they really need to ‘slog it out’ in the debt-laden world around us?

Liberty Trust opened my mind to possibilities that hitherto had escaped my imagination. As I quietly conferred with an obvious man of God, Mr Kelvin Deal, and listened carefully to his Bible–based understanding of God’s storehouse, I sensed a light being shed on my heart and a lifting of a burden that I had been carrying! Not only could my wife and I see a way to providing for our children’s future, but we could help others in the process! Bam! Bingo! Eureka!

But I wanted to be certain of the charity that I was considering backing. Later that month I invited a Liberty Trust trustee to come down to Wellington in order to introduce them to my trusted accountant and a dear entrepreneur friend. I wanted my expert friends to check this charity out! Following sandwiches, cups of tea, and a two hour meeting, my very intelligent friend and very smart accountant declared ‘Its legit’! I was satisfied!

Overnight we had signed up to regular giving of a proportion of our material wealth to help others. Dollar by dollar, week by week, we started to siphon funds into Liberty Trusts storehouse. Year by year the totals began to grow, and year by year our children began to understand what we were doing on their behalf and for the benefit of others.

Not only this, but my wife and I started a donation stream for our own future. Soon our sense of trusting God for our future security had gone to another level. Now we were beginning to explore increasing our giving to our local church as well. Year by year, the percentage of our income that was dedicated to helping others has grown. It now seemed right and just to give rather than receive!

I am so deeply encouraged by the journey that Liberty Trust has initiated in New Zealand. The future of many families struggling to become secure in their own home looks so much brighter. Children can now get a ‘head start’ with interest free loans and healthy truthful biblical teaching that empowers them to help others and walk in God’s rich provision.

I love it!

Each year we are increasing the level of giving. Giving has become more important than receiving. We are seeing a multiplication of our hearts desire to bless others.

I am so grateful to the trustees of Liberty Trust for staying the course, for placing their trust in the “Rock of Ages’ and for remaining true to His word.

God bless Liberty Trust!

Love Dynes & Ingrid McConnell


30 August 2011