Leo & Ingrid Geerlings

"The Lord works in mysterious ways" is a well-worn cliché. It is also very true.  In August 1997 I was made redundant from my job in Edgecumbe.  We moved our family to Hastings hoping to make a new start.  Apart from the spiritual side, nothing much worked there.  The last place I wanted to move to was Auckland.  But wouldn't you know it, after wandering for three years in a financial desert, an ex employer (from Edgecumbe) managed to hunt me down and made me a decent job offer.  It was an offer I could not refuse, but it did involve moving to Auckland.  Initially we rented a house in South Auckland, but then proceeded to plan building a house.

We were some of the early members of Liberty Trust.  As soon as Kelvin started talking to me about the principles of the trust I believed in it.  And I always said: "Even if we are the last person drawn, it is always going to be a good scheme".  As it turns out I think we were almost the last persons drawn from that first group.  But how is this for perfect timing; we received the news from Kelvin right at the time we needed to arrange finance for our new house in South Auckland.  So the Lord works not only in mysterious but also in wonderful ways.

Ingrid and I thank and praise the Lord for the trustees of Liberty Trust who have been steadfast in their vision.