Michael & Paula

I had a dream recently of my childhood home, as if life had continued there for my family. In reality, someone else lives in that house now. We have weathered numerous tragedies and hardships - losing the house was just a synecdoche for many losses. 

In my dream, I remembered Joel 2:25, in which God said to Israel, "I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten." For many of us, that restoration will only be fulfilled in heaven. Like our Lord, we may be called to suffer much right to the end of our earthly lives - but the same God who increased Israel's fruitfulness after devastation and turned the nation to praise can redeem our stories.

Liberty Trust has given us a taste of that redemption. My mother faithfully contributed to Liberty Trust for years out of what little she had, not knowing whether she could ever afford to draw down a loan.

Her membership now enables one of my siblings to have an interest-free mortgage at a critical time. My mother's legacy has been multiplied many times through Liberty Trust.

And thanks in part to her encouragement, my husband and I started our membership while engaged. We are now also enjoying an interest-free mortgage, with enough spare to repair and renovate our house. We couldn't have predicted how welcome the loan offer would be at just this time, or how the amount would neatly cover our needs.

Lord willing, Liberty Trust will give my family back years that would have been spent in bondage to the bank. We're seeing God's generous provision after a time that has indeed felt like a plague of locusts. We look forward to a complete restoration of all that has been lost, and we're grateful now for how God is using Liberty Trust to begin the healing.

Michael and Paula

1 January 2018