Esme Finlayson

I would like to testify to the blessing it has been to me to already have received an interest free loan from Liberty Trust, which for me has replaced an INTEREST-ONLY loan.

That loan would only ever have been paid back in the event of my death, by the sale of my home, because this was the only kind of loan available to me in my circumstances as a 'woman alone'; thus the house would never have become fully my own.

Also the interest only loan had only a two year term on it, having to be renewed every two years, with legal costs each time of great expense which for me was not only a tremendous hassle each time, but crippling financially, and burdensome.

Now, with this Liberty Trust loan I experience a great sense of joy and 'liberty' knowing that each payment I make is allowing my home to become more and more my own, and that it will take no longer than ten years to pay it off completely, thus releasing me to more freely serve the Lord.

I thank God that there were those, including yourselves as trustees who were obedient to the vision that God set before you, and have sacrificially released that vision to become a reality for people like myself and other Liberty Trust contributors.

This is certainly an area where I can "stand fast in the Liberty (Trust) wherewith Christ hath made me free and not be entangled again with the yoke of (interest) bondage".

To God be the glory, great things He hath done!

Your sincerely,

Esme Finlayson

May 1991