Tom & Jenny McDowall

We were very excited when we began our journey with Liberty Trust, and about a month ago we were the grateful recipients of a Liberty Trust Loan. While we are both very involved in Liberty Trust, Tom as a Trustee, and Jenny answering phone calls from enquirers, it was still a great feeling of excitement when we received our own loan. This has been used to pay off a rental property and it will be fantastic to see the level of debt reduce very quickly over the term of the loan. This will give us greater freedom to pursue other things in the future. 

Also the fact that our contributions will stay in Liberty Trust and be used to help others in the future is a real blessing, and it is inspiring to think that what we have done will help people we don’t even know, for many years to come. 

We have now started contributions for our young grandchildren as we want to pass the blessing on to future generations of our family. There are lots of Bible verses that talk about being good stewards of what Gods has given us; we definitely feel Liberty Trust allows us to fulfil that brief perfectly.

Tom and Jenny McDowall

18 September 2015