Jan and Truda de Jong

Our journey with Liberty Trust started when we heard a presentation in church in 2008. 

As new immigrants, there were many things to consider, take in, adjust to, and financially manage. The storehouse principle was a new concept we had never heard of. It made sense though and after gathering more information we decided to set up two accounts for our daughters who were teenagers at the time. 

We were convinced that this was the way forward for our children to not start on the back foot if they one day would decide to purchase their own property. Our contributions were of a modest kind as we had many things, as a family with three teenagers, to financially manage. Our intention was that the girls would eventually take over the contributions. But life’s needs took over when they took gap years and study and financial priorities changed and contributions were limited.

When going through our financial matters this year we realised that maturation of our input was near. This coincided with our daughters being in the process of buying their first homes. However, them being in well paid vocations they gracefully declined the Liberty Trust nest egg and encouraged us to use it. After verification, Liberty Trust confirmed we could use our contributions for an interest free loan which also coincided with a much needed investment in vehicles as most of our investments over the last two years had gone into our young avocado orchard.

The multiplication factor of our loan enabled us to fulfill our needs very precisely, a fact that proves that our Heavenly Father is truly the Master Mathematician!

All things came together very timely and divinely orchestrated. We were blessed with a very manageable loan and a Liberty Trust team that treated us professionally, adequately, and courteously.

With many thanks,

Jan and Truda de Jong

7 October 2019