Rohit & Venus Anand

Dear Liberty Trust,

We are blessed by the very generous gift of an interest-free loan which was extended to us in June 2018. 

Ps Bruce McDonald had introduced to us Liberty trust and we started our contribution in Oct 2007. Through God’s calling, we departed NZ in 2009 to serve as missionaries in Fiji for 8 years. We suspended our contributions as we were limited to our resources at the time on the mission field with 4 young children in tow. 

We rented our home in Auckland which sustained us abroad and kept the mortgage payments going. We have always kept in our hearts “When God sends he is always faithful to provide” Ralph Mahoney.(I Thessalonians 5:24). We purely rely on God’s provision and do not seek any support through donations/church/man. Our source is Jesus and his miraculous provisions which we encounter many times. A knock on the door and food at the doorstep, sovereign protection of imminent crashes unscathed, blessed with abundance to bless others, the list goes on and this miraculous provision by Liberty Trust of an interest-free loan is a first for returning missionaries extended to us. We have learned to live in the now. God takes care of our tomorrow however He gives us wisdom and strength to plan and work.

It’s been a year now since we had this interest-free loan and it has significantly reduced our mortgage and we continue to rejoice in His blessing and always grateful to Liberty Trust for this interest-free loan as we continue to serve wherever His call is.

Rohit & Venus Anand

27 May 2019