David & Tanya Curtis

Deep down I knew we would get a Liberty Trust blessing one day, but I often doubted that we were worthy. The way things were going with our finances, and the troubles in our household, mostly over finance … I was a self-employed orchard contractor. Work was often uncertain, and there were times without income. It was a big struggle to keep donating to Liberty Trust.

Now the grace of God overwhelms me to tears. These last few months we have received such blessing, and we have seen the hand of God on our marriage, our family, and our finances. I am on a salary now, still in pip and stone fruit orchards. Receiving our interest-free loan has released us from a 25 years burden. We are still paying the same amount as previously, but without the huge interest payment. Now we know we will be debt free many years earlier, we are paying no interest, and we are helping others at the same time! It is amazing! The Lord has delivered us from a pressure cooker situation.

With our income up and down it caused great strain. We had lots of debts. To pay short term debt we incurred long term debt. It seemed we couldn’t win. But I believe in the power of the blood of Jesus and His Righteousness. Gradually we have got it under control. A verse that I have stood on through the all the tough times, when everything seemed to be falling apart, was Colossians 1 verse 17:

“And He is before all things, and in Him

all things hold together” NASB.

This verse sustained me many, many times, and now I see everything being put together.

I write to encourage anyone going through such problems. Hold to this Word, for it sustained me. Ask God for your verse. It is not a case of being worthy, it is the Grace of God.

David Curtis, Flaxmere