Vernon & Susan Wall

Like most other families, we are today, just husband and wife with two boys, trying to get along quietly and have a good life. By the grace of God, we have been blessed with a bit of comfort as we head into the retirement years. Having our family late means, as Vern is just starting retirement, Susan is still working on some days and the boys 15 and 17 are still at college with a couple of years of college to go for the youngest, and several years of tertiary yet to come, and pay for, with only retirement resources to fund that. We can only point to what may happen for others in a few years ahead. We are eternally grateful to Linden Willets, a Christian and prominent professional Investment Adviser, who introduced us to Pastor Bruce McDonald, those many years ago, who shared with us the Liberty Trust concept. It took us a couple of years just talking about it before we were ready, and that wasn’t helped by all those friends we shared Liberty’s promise with, who pooh-poohed the whole thing as a scam, a secret church tithe, a commune idea waiting to fail. They said it all.

House mortgaging is like the frog in hot water. When the temperature rises he gets boiled before he thinks to

jump out. The bank encourages you into the housing market with low interest rates on what are usually overpriced house values, and they systematically and incrementally raise the interest rates over a cycle of time, (virtual extortion), yet we persist because we feel we have so much invested. In reality we are often pauperized by the interest factor inflicted by our own bank, but our minds have difficulty separating the interest cost from the actual housing cost. We don’t have any society alternative except perpetually renting, so we succumb to the loss, knowing no better.

Susan and I have understanding of financial and insurance markets. Vernon has worked as an officer in

banks, as Company Secretary, Director and CFO in several finance companies and operated directly in the

foreign capital markets. From all his experience we think we understand finance. Thus the concept of gifting and nil Interest is a “whole paradigm shift” from the conventional mechanisms of finance we know.

We need to be reminded of the word, “Man’s ways are not God’s ways”.

As financial markets and regrettably retirement funds have shown, man’s ways are vulnerable to corrosion,

mainly to greed. Many trusting folk will come to realize that wealth entrusted to others in a commercial realm

without the benefit of a Christian ethical underpinning, is wealth at risk and very likely wealth lost. Just look at the markets today.

To understand the real significance of this, we have to get our head past what is a simple no-interest house

loan and see that Liberty Trust offers (arguably the only source in New Zealand) the only God-given means

available to a whole family and community, the very fiscal means of developing and dispersing wealth within

families, as God intended the family to be resourced and secured. This is the leverage of the Christian community being applied in God’s design to the empowerment of the family, and by strength of family, to the fulfillment of the individual. This is the means to fulfill the family obligations of parents as prescribed from the earliest of times, to provide to each child a home, a house for the son and bride, to provide for education to empower fulfilling work opportunities and to secure down to the very weakest and smallest of our families, the well being of all.

So it is with Liberty Trust, home is the heart of the family. Also it is the heart of endeavor as we entrust our

most treasured entity to the security of the Liberty Trust community, so Liberty does empower us with resources to further the value of our own enterprise. This is leverage giving forth growth, growth fully commensurate with the effort put forth, as the Lord intended.

Contrary to the nay-sayers God does not forbid borrowing. In his natural kingdom, water is borrowed every

day to nurture plants, which return the value of that borrowed water a hundred fold in their growth and food value. God adds the surplus. Borrowing is a form of enablement, and with enablement comes surplus but also in hand with that comes obligations and responsibilities. We need to prepare to accept and discharge those obligations as a condition of receiving the surplus.

To return to our church community some of the immense benefit shown to us by Liberty Trust, Vern has taken

on the role to assist Liberty Trust further its outreach in Auckland, especially to inform the grandparents among us of the benefits to be had by early enrollment, so that they may start the process for their next generation, giving that generation of grandchildren the step up, at an early age, that we never had.

Vern is now looking for some keen early grandparents to understudy this role and take the role out to various

other communities, especially to spread this message via the wonder of grandparents email lists.

Love and blessings to all,

Vern and Susan Wall