Joseph & Paula Eriha

We had never thought of owning our own home. In 1997 when our eldest daughter was about 5 years old we were told about Liberty Trust so we joined not fully understanding what we were getting into. We know now that God had a plan, we also knew we were sowing into the Kingdom of God.

Over the years Joseph and I had made attempts to buy a house, but it never seemed to be the right time. The time came round when we were in a position to buy and our landlord offered us the house we’ve been renting. After looking at the price of houses in the area we decided to make our landlords an offer which they accepted. Our interest free loan was to be ready in March or April, but the money was there by January. We were glad because we’d be out of debt sooner. Everything fell into place.

About the time we were looking to buy our home our whangai daughter left home and our oldest girl decided to move to Hamilton. We began to wonder what were we doing with a 3 bedroom home with a sleepout, with only our 12 year old daughter at home with us. Although we have been fostering children for a number of years we had been praying that God would send us kids that we could bless like God had blessed us.

Not that long ago we inherited three little kids aged, 7, 6 and 4. We have a houseful again. We are very busy. Joseph is a shift worker and I work fulltime at one of our local schools. God has been so good to us, so we are pleased to be able to bless others.

With the Ark Resources loan our mortgage will be paid off in less than half the time it was at the bank. We tell others the benefits of joining Liberty Trust. Some people scoff. They think its too good to be true. We know it is sowing and receiving. We tell them that God’s promises are like that.

We know that the words Jesus said in Matthew 21 v 22 are true, “Ask for what you want in My Name and your Heavenly Father will give you what you ask for”. Confess it and Believe it!

The Eriha whanau would like to thank all of you Liberty Trust members for helping us to buy our home.

God Bless you all.

Paula & Joseph Eriha, Hastings

20 February 2008