Cheryl Barnes

First of all I want to say a big thank you to Liberty Trust and Ark Resources Ltd for making the interest free loan available to me.  Now I will be able to pay my mortgage and loans off before I turn 51.

I have brought up 5 children on my own and did not find it easy most of the time to pay the $25 a week but I am sure glad I stuck to it and that I even made the decision to join.  A friend told me about the Trust and I sure believe in the Biblical principles.  

I joined and he didn't - now he wishes he had.

I love my house.  We've made six bedrooms and they always got someone in them.  I have had to work hard and do a lot of hours to make ends meet. Thanks to you all I will be able to not have to do so many hours in a matter of 7 years.  By then I can do less hours and spend time with my grandchildren - one is already here and is such a treasure.

Thank you once again for blessing me

Cheryl Barnes