Ken & Sharon-Lee Philpott

We first heard about the Liberty Trust principle at a Christian conference in Auckland and were quick to share in the vision. We started donations for two loans. Since then our daughter has taken over and continues the donations for one of them.

For family needs we recently shifted to a larger family home and took out a mortgage. We had previously been mortgage free. The remaining mortgage closely matches the loan we have just received. We will be mortgage free at least 8 years earlier than through the bank.

A principle like this had to come from God. It is so counter the world system, and so aligned with Kingdom thinking.

People have said, "you must have a lot of faith to go into something like that". But we say, "no, the concept is infallible, and we only need trust in God's people to administer it".

A big thank you to God first of all, and then to His people who so tirelessly and wisely work to make this 'storehouse of funds' a powerful resource to free people from debt.

The savings realised through this interest free loan is just one of the many different ways the Lord blesses people who obey His call to invest in Kingdom principles.

We have been through significant trials over the years, but the Lord has always blessed us through these times. God loves to bless and give to His people. It is His nature. He gives and gives and gives.

Truly the Liberty Trust principle is a God inspired principle.

Ken & Sharon-Lee Philpott