Pastors Benny & Sharon Tan

Tell us about yourselves ... 

Sharon and I met at the Bible College of New Zealand,  Henderson,  Auckland, where we were students for 3 years. The Lord then led us to Kaitaia where we pastored for nearly 25 years and pioneered a new church (Abundant Life Centre), Christian school, childcare centre etc. We’ve been married for 33+ years and have 6 children ranging from 9-31 years of age and have 5 grandchildren. 

We are presently leading HistoryMaker Australia on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.  You can look up for more photos and info.

A favourite Bible verse/ passage? 

I have STACKS!!! One is Hebrews 11 v 8: “By faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed by going out to a place which he was to receive for an inheritance; and he went out not knowing where he was going” – reason I love that verse is because real FAITH is spelt H.O.T. …

H = Hear (if God is the Initiator of all visions He will also be the supplier of all provisions) 

O = Obey (don’t worry about the how, why, where, who – just obey)

T = Trust (God with the outcomes – when we’ve done our best, we can trust God with the rest)

Why did you join Liberty Trust?

We joined Liberty Trust because we believe in and love the vision of Liberty Trust. It is a wonderful and practical expression of Christian faith and love – great to see the people of God working together. This reminds us of the Book of Acts where God’s people were continually in “one place, one accord, one voice, one heart, one soul, one mind, one spirit” – such unity is unstoppable!

How have you  used your interest free loan? 

The interest-free loan is helping us pay off our mortgage faster, reduce debt and give us greater financial freedom. It will also help us explore other investments to create more wealth for future ministry locally and globally.

And why you are looking forward to becoming debt free? 

Our vision for financial freedom is to enable us to serve the Lord without restrictions – it will allow us to go anywhere and do anything and not worry about the costs.

3 April 2008