Pastors Kerry & Angela Hartley

Liberty Trust is a ministry of ‘Helps’. It is a valid and very necessary gift to the Body. Let’s not be silent around others concerning this God ordained method of handling finances in a fallen world.  This method should be known in all the churches in our land and every Christian should have opportunity to be a part of it. We say we belong to Jesus and serve Him, but in fact many of us spend most of our lives serving a bank, crippled by financial bondages. It’s time for change, Liberty Trust is a facilitator for deliverance. Can we, as recipients of blessing, encourage you to get others on board so that this trickle of financial blessing can turn into a flood, both in and through the lives of many of our brothers and sisters.

Be Blessed

Kerry & Angela Hartley

17 Feb 2008

Kerry & Angela Hartley are directors of Hebron Mission Centre. They work with new immigrants and foreign students, and provide mission training in three centres in NZ, and provide leadership training, schools and orphanages overseas.