Craig & Sandra Macmillan

We first heard about Liberty Trust through David Mitchell after we had returned from a year spent working in the UK in 1995. David outlined the principles behind Liberty Trust and to be honest we thought it sounded too good to be true. Craig was far more enthusiastic about the scheme than myself who (I am embarrassed to admit) was a bit skeptical about the whole idea. We decided to join anyway and Craig enthusiastically told others about Liberty Trust, some of who seemed to think it was too good to be true also, reinforcing my skepticism.  Craig decided to retrain soon after we arrived home from the UK and he spent the next 5 years in fulltime study to gain a Bachelor in Architecture.  We had to move to Auckland for study reasons and purchased an unfinished home, as that was all we could afford and then spent the next 10 years living in a building site to gradually complete it as our finances allowed.  We often found maintaining a mortgage and paying Craig’s student fees hard, but were lucky enough to have students live with us for about 10 years, amongst the mess, which helped financially.  

Once Craig completed his study and after being married for over 12 years we decided we very much wanted a family.  We were faced with another hurdle of needing fertility assistance, which was emotionally and financially stressful. Again it made us feel we were always one step behind getting on top of the mortgage noose.  Our daughter Ruby was finally born (now 4 yrs), and with another dose of fertility assistance our twin boys Liam and Cooper who are soon turning one, were born.  We feel very blessed!  Psalm 127 

During our time in Auckland there were many occasions when we thought we really need that loan now! but continued to believe Gods timing was very different from our own.  Now 11 years later we have been privileged to receive an interest free loan from Liberty Trust. It came at a time when we were wondering what our next step in life should be and out of the blue we were offered a business opportunity in Te Kuiti.

The decision to sell and move from Auckland, the notification from Evan that we were now entitled to an interest free loan and an out-of-the-blue prophetic word confirming our decision to move all happened at around the same time.  Well, you know God.  We are now in Te Kuiti near Grandparents and cousins, live out in the country and have a wonderful life style. With our financial freedom, skills and lifestyle change here, we now have to opportunity to use our time and money to support others including one of our areas of interest “Habitat for Humanity” that we were involved with while in Auckland.

With the opportunity to explain what Liberty Trust is all about to our solicitor who asked ‘Who in this day and age gives interest free money?”, you will be wondering if I am still skeptical.  Well, it is too good, but it is true.  And in our solicitors words once the money was deposited, “the ark had berthed”. Go for it!

Craig, Sandy, Ruby, Liam & Cooper Macmillan

22 June 2007