Debbie & Trevor King

Early in our marriage we bought our first home in Sydney. My husband became a full time music director in a large church and no longer earned enough to keep up the payments and so sadly we sold and went back to renting.

Many years went by and after eventually building in Brisbane, moving to Blenheim, then finally to Auckland and buying another home a friend told us about Liberty Trust.

We joined and at one stage took a break for a while and then started up payments again. My (somewhat skeptical) husband would sometimes say ‘Do you think we’ll ever get that loan?’ to which (the last time) I replied, ‘Yeah probably in the next year or so’ and just a couple of months later we got the letter saying our loan was now available.

I must admit I would sometimes comfort my own sneaking skepticism with …’You know, even if things went wrong and we didn’t get the loan, I just see it as part of my giving, knowing it was helping other Christians get out of debt.

We had originally applied for a $130,000 loan, but at the time it became available we’d only contributed enough (due to the break) to borrow $92,000 which, as one might suspect, was exactly what we needed.

‘And we know that all things work together for good to those that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.’ Rom 8.28

We just want to say ‘Thank you not only to God, but to Liberty Trust and all those that have helped put it in place.’ It’s awesome to be out of the ‘System!’

I know that 10 years can sometimes seem like a long time but it really does fly, and you can either be free, where we are now, or still paying interest for another decade or so..

Many thanks

Debbie & Trevor

6 July 2012