The Ussher family


We are the Ussher family from New Plymouth, consisting of Wayne: husband, father, mental health nurse; Margaret: wife, mother, teacher; sons: Timothy (20) engineering student, Canterbury; and Jonathan (18) health sciences, Otago.

In the 1990s the long-term plan for our family was for me (Margaret) to return to teaching part-time once the boys went to school.  By doing so we would live the typical middle class lifestyle of relative financial security, able to enjoy the finer things which disposable income provides; a fairly ‘normal’ plan really.

God had a different plan for our family.  His plan included home schooling our boys.  After much soul searching, we chose His plan over our own and so embarked on a journey which lasted 15 years; taking our sons to the completion of their high school education.

In practical terms, our decision to home school meant living on a modest single income.  It also meant in the future we would have to either enlarge our existing house or purchase a bigger one. We chose to do the latter.  

In 1997, after seeing an advertisement in the Challenge Weekly, we signed up with Liberty Trust.  The principles of giving and borrowing espoused by the Trust was another example of doing things God’s way rather than our own.  In 1999, while waiting for our interest free loan to become available, we took out a bank mortgage and set about building a bigger house.

At the end of 2007, with the prospect of having both our boys at universities in the South Island this year and the associated costs, it was timely that we received a phone call from Ark Resources to say our interest free loan had become available to us.  It couldn’t have come at a better time!

Throughout the years God has proved Himself faithful to His promises as we follow His plan for our lives.  He has always met our needs as He promises in His Word to do.

For our family, having a Liberty Trust loan has meant the money we now save on interest is able to be used to financially support our sons as they pursue their academic goals.

God’s plan for our family didn’t include the acquisition of a lot of worldly wealth but it did produce two godly young men we are proud to call our sons and who will carry the baton of faith to the next generation.  To us that’s priceless and we thank God for His faithfulness and provision.

Margaret & Wayne Ussher

30 August 2008