Karl Manaia

I heard about Liberty Trust back in 1988, when it was first being considered. I liked it as it is from Bible principles, and because I liked the idea of a community of people helping each other, which has to be better than going to the bank. My sister Lyn joined and a friend endorsed it, but I didn't get around to it for some years. I could have bought a house and let it out, but I went on an OE, and I did a YWAM course in Hawaii going on to Japan and USA.

When I was offered my Liberty Trust interest-free loan I didn’t have a house. I prayed about it and everything fell into place. Then the timing was perfect. I bought this home from my workmate, at a good price in the right street. Everything was re-done and tidy inside. It needed attention outside, but now it is all painted and looking great.

My mortgage broker had never heard of anything like Liberty Trust. He thought it sounded a bit dodgy at first, but he liked the principle. The beauty of Liberty Trust is that every payment is payment of principle which makes it so worthwhile.

I am a solo dad with full support of my ten year old daughter. As I am a shift worker it works well at present for us to live with my Dad and rent out my home. This is an ideal situation for us all. It is great for family interaction and support.

When I think about it our God is so awesome. We are undeserving, but He is so faithful. Our righteousness is as filthy rags, but God is so Awesome. No man can understand the mind of God. We ask why He loves us and cares for us? Because His grace and mercy is awesome. I've known this all my life, but He keeps showing me His love for us. I am so glad to be doing things the way He has intended. We are so blessed.

Kahl Manaia, Palmerston North