Warren & Karen Burke

We began participating on the prompting of Warren’s mother, who was a Christian and a very good friend of Kathleen Deal’s. Now we are blessed to receive our interest-free loan, and even though it has felt like ages to come to fruition it has been worth the wait. We can say that now that it has actually happened! God does seem to work in mysterious ways, and always in His time, not ours – which can seem quite frustrating at times!

Although we have been happy to help others it was not that long ago that we seriously contemplated canceling our contributions. We felt we had waiting long enough for our loan to come through. Again, thanks to Kathleen and her absolute graciousness and patience with us in our moment of frustration, we ‘hung in there’ and received this wonderful blessing of an interest-free loan.

For us, in our early 40’s the most positive effect that this will have on us financially is that we will be mortgage free in eight years time. So we can seriously look at preparing for the years ahead, God willing, our retirement years!

We would like to thank all those people have been involved who have given freely of their time to make this happen for us. Thank you for not giving up the vision, and allowing us to benefit from the fruits of your labour.

God Bless

Karen and Warren Burke