Andrew & Nicola Hewlett

It has been almost a year now since we were given our interest free loan. What a wonderful blessing this has been to us as a family. We started our contributions in 1996 and firmly believed God would pick the perfect time for us to receive this. 

Having thought a few times that we would have liked the loan now, in hindsight when we were finally offered this we could honestly say we were truly grateful to God for HIS perfect timing and not ours. 

Financially our repayments increased slightly but knowing we were to pay no interest in comparison to the banks' high interest rates it is an absolute blessing to us. We moved to Ohakune from Tauranga two years ago due to Andrew being offered a job down here only to find it would be wiser to purchase a home rather than do the rent thing. 

We have been able to buy a large four-bedroom home with plenty of space for family and friends to come and stay and plenty of room for our two young boys to play. We are now expecting a third child due this November and we still have room.

Knowing we are not paying the high interest rates to the banks is such a wonderful financial relief and all our thanks goes to God for this wonderful blessing on our lives.

Andrew and Nicola, Cameron and Jordan Hewlett,