In 2008 when I had 4 months to live with terminal kidney cancer my wife ended our marriage of 4 years. 

I decided to support Liberty Trust, not ever thinking I’d want or use a loan. Then I went to the USA & had immune support which saved my life. 

I stayed on at my church which I’d attended for 13 years, for a further 3 years until I shifted. I’d worked at the church as Evangelism Co-ordinator helping guide it through & achieve its greatest growth curve from 2,000 to 5,000 in just 3 years after taking a decade to reach 2,000 attendees. 

Years later I again required lifesaving treatments in the USA and I had to borrow to achieve that. In the end I used the Liberty loan, that I thought I’d never use & had no intention of ever using, to pay down that high interest incurring debt. 

Had I not had access to the Liberty funds I’d have been in a real pickle, being retired on superannuation with little other support, ALIVE but financially exposed. The loan made the difference and is not an arduous amount to service.