Sue & Stephen

A few years ago a friend told us about Liberty Trust. We have to admit that we were quite sceptical - an interest free loan seemed too good to be true. But we did the maths and decided that it was worth giving it a go. About five years ago we purchased an apartment for our family, which then included two-year-old twins who we adopted when they were babies (another story in itself!). Taking on the mortgage felt huge – 30 years of paying the loan back! The knowledge that it wasn’t actually going to be for 30 years was a huge relief, as owing that much money and paying so much each week to see little change in the amount you owe is depressing!

One year ago we quickly converted our 2-bedroom apartment into 3 bedrooms to accommodate a young man who is connected with our church, has no family in NZ and needed to live in a supportive environment. Having diabetes and other huge health problems are difficult for him to manage and before moving in with us he was staying at the Night Shelter. 

Shortly after this quick alteration and addition to our family, we were offered the interest free loan from Liberty Trust. What a huge relief it has been to us. Our bank couldn’t believe it.  We were told we would be saving about $300,000! We tell everyone we know about Liberty Trust as it has totally changed our lives.

Thank you so much to everyone who has put so much work into helping people get out or stay out of debt!

Sue Perry and Stephen Bowater

 21 September 2016