Richard & Robyn

God’s ways are amazing. The Liberty Trust loan became available just when it was really needed.Joining Liberty Trust made sense to us. We worked for a Christian Relief agency in Central Asia for a number of years. In 1997, while back in NZ on furlough, we joined Liberty Trust. It was a pragmatic decision as we knew that this was the best way to get a home for ourselves and our five children.

We returned to New Zealand in 2001 and rather than rent, we took out a mortgage and bought a home.

Early this year we decided to moved from Tokoroa to Cambridge but with the economic downturn we were unable to sell our Tokoroa home and renting it out brought in much less money than we needed to rent a house in Cambridge. We managed but things were tight. Then, within weeks of our move the loan came through from Liberty Trust – just as our excellent fixed interest rate with the bank was due to expire! What timing! Now we watch as the amount left owing on our principal to Liberty Trust drops week by week.

Thank you God - and thank you Liberty Trust!

Richard & Robby Berghan

1 October 2008