Ian & Sophie Foote

Late last year we received a phone call out of the blue. It was the friendly voice of Evan Harvey.  He went on to inform me that our family were the next in line to receive a loan from the trust. Wow, I had pretty much forgotten about the scheme, as we had finished our contributions many years previously, and had just put our heads down to get on with the paying off of our mortgage.

I live in Warkworth with my wife of twenty five years Sophie and five of our eight children. Two of the kids are living away from home now still in Warkworth and one (our eldest) has moved to Wellington to pursue a career in motorcycle mechanical engineering. I am a potter by trade working for a large local pottery, Sophie is currently a student at Unitec studying for a degree in design and visual arts.

Sophie and I have an enduring faith in Gods purpose for our lives and the lives of our children, and we see the blessing we received through the support of Liberty Trust and latterly Ark Resources as the outworking of this. We thank our Lord and the good folks at Ark Resources who have made this possible.

The Foote Family

13 September 2009